Graham Oaks Nature Park | The Hosmar Family

January 31, 2018

The Sweet Hosmar Family

I swear meeting this family wasn’t just by chance, God had His hands in this. I had never met this family before. I was supposed to shoot them on Christmas Eve morning before I drove to our families house in Sandy. That morning I had to call her bright and early to cancel. Canceling on clients isn’t something I do, but this was an emergency. My youngest son woke up completely covered in hives and was swollen from head to toe. We rushed him to the ER. (allergic reaction to antibiotics he was on) Mariah was so incredibly understanding and so supportive. Let me remind you I’ve never met her before. Thank you so much for her and her family for understanding and rescheduling.

The day we rescheduled was incredible!! The sun was out! This is January in Wilsonville Oregon, warm and sun aren’t the two conditions you usually get!

Right when I met them, we just connected. I adored them from the start! Look at this little guys personality! He had so much fun and did such a great job at the shoot.  We had such a fun playful shoot and a great time getting to know each other. These two are what I call people that make you better as a person just by meeting them! I won’t go into their story because it may be one that they want to share. But I will say that their love for their family is first and their perseverance for life is real! Mariah is the most thoughtful kind woman. At the end of our shoot, Mariah left me with some sweet little gifts. Gifts that were thought out and so personalized. Thank you so much for making me feel treasured and loved.

What an amazing fulfilling family session!

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