Riverbend Hospital | Holly’s Birth Story | Amanda Meg Photography

March 23, 2018

Riverbend Hospital | Holly’s Birth Story | Amanda Meg Photography

Abigail is born!

The morning I got the text from Holly that they were on their way to the hospital, I was so excited! That means I get to see and witness one of God’s little miracles today with Holly’s birth story. The exciting, thrilling, also nerve racking part is that we all need to wait. I always think back to my births with my sons and how long we had to wait for progression, it makes me feel for the momma so much! Feel for her in this waiting game, the unknown of seeing your baby, the health of the delivery, and the anxiety of the pain that is about to take over. Baby Abigail wanted to hang out in her momma’s belly for a little while longer, so we all waited patiently that day. Me and my boys had a normal Friday, just kept in the back of our minds that any moment Abigail would be ready to make her appearance! I was so prepared, I had back up plans for everything that day with the boys. Night time came and man my heart was heavy for Holly, poor momma still waiting to meet her daughter. Once I got my boys all tucked in for bed, I went to my office to work. Then I got a text! Holly was progressing!! Yahoo! I packed up my stuff and headed to Riverbend Hospital. I couldn’t believe the timing of this!

When I got to the hospital, Holly’s husband greeted me with open arms down in the lobby. He was so calm and collected, this wasn’t his first time having a baby. You could tell he was a pro! They have two little boys, close to the age of my little guys. I love having that in common because it just makes everything more real to me. I have to say the whole time I kept thinking, what if I have another baby like them and its a girl!! My baby fever was thru the roof!

I stayed in the lobby and worked on my computer, just enjoying the quiet moment in front of the cozy warm fireplace. Have you ever seen the fireplace in the lobby at Riverbend? I felt like I was in a lodge!

When I got the text to head upstairs, I felt like I just sprinted and took off! I was so excited!

I truly feel so special being apart of this moment. The fact that they choose me to be with them just makes my heart sing.

When I walked in her room, Holly was about to start pushing. They seriously timed my arrival perfect! I tried just sneaking in as quiet as possible, to not disturb her or the flow of what was about to begin. Holly was so sweet and just like her husband greeted me with open loving arms. She was so happy I was there. The whole time I kept thinking this woman is so sweet, so strong, she’s being hospitable to me. Why?! This is her moment, her moment that I can just be invisible to capture her birth so they can remember and cherish it forever. I thought there is no way! Don’t worry about me at all, your in pain, your tired, your about to push out a baby! But no she is a woman who is just loving and cares for others. I just wanted to hug her and tell her how incredible she is.

I felt like I walked into a room with my friend I’ve had for years! Another neat thing was we have the same doctor! The doctor that delivered my babies to! I was thrilled to see her. I love our doctor!!! She’s the best! She really helps bring out the warrior in you when your pushing. I loved being able to capture her in action to.

Holly was so strong, so powerful, and just got her baby out like a rock star! Holly your such a beautiful women, in the moment I felt you were just GLOWING (even though I know in that moment you don’t feel that way and aren’t even thinking about that). But you were! These photos prove it! As I look back at these birth story photos I feel the same way as I did in the moment watching, this real and raw story is just beautiful. You are just BEAUTIFUL.

Holly and her husband were such an incredible team together. I was so impressed! I just want to give them huge high fives!! You guys are an example of what love, marriage and parenthood should be. Which again all I can say is this is BEAUTIFUL, you guys are BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you so much for letting me share this real, beautiful birth story.

This is a moment that shows true beauty and life.




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