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June 19, 2017

Enloe Family

The Enloe Family holds a special place in my heart.

I first met Tegan, Michael and baby Avery at Avery’s newborn photo shoot.  Since then, I have had the privilege of photographing this sweet, independent, silly and playful girl every six months.  Capturing all the beautiful changes that happen as babies become people is one of the joys of my job.  All the steps, smiles and milestones.  I’m so lucky to be a part of their lives.

Tegan absolutely nailed it when she styled her family for this Christmas card shoot.  Michael’s classic, black suit, and the girls’ sparkling sequin dresses reflect the season so well.  The flower crowns were just the right holiday ornamentation and the family looked beautiful.

The flower crowns were from Farm Fancy off of Willamette Street in Coburg, Oregon.  It is an adorable farm shop that you have to make time for the next time you’re in the valley.  They have farm-style gifts, home goods, even sweet looking and tasting cupcakes, and they make the most beautiful flower crowns for any occasion.  Their customer service is incredible too.  They met me hours before they were scheduled to open just so I could have the crowns for the Enloe photo shoot.  One of the perks of being a traveling photographer is getting to get out.  I love meeting, making and photographing new friends in places other than where I live in Eugene.  Having the fresh scent of flower crowns in the car for the two-hour drive was pretty nice too!

We had fun using the flower crowns as props for this holiday shoot at Graham Oaks Nature Park in Wilsonville.  Avery was adorable as she tried her crown on, tossed it off and repeated for most of the session.  It was a fun challenge to convince this active and independent little girl that she and Mommy were holiday princesses, and the crowns were perfect on top of their heads.  Tegan put so much thought into their outfits and I’m so happy to have gotten to put my time into making this beautiful family photo shoot.  I loved everything about it!


Graham Oaks Nature Park | The Hosmar Family

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