Mt. Hood Ski Bowl | McConnell Family | Amanda Meg Photography

February 15, 2019

Getting to work with families both young and old is one of my absolute favorite things about being a photographer. I love it even more when I get the opportunity to work with an entire family from youngest to oldest! The fact that this shoot was a gift from son & daughter to their mom made it so special for everyone involved. The whole McConnell family made the trek out to the Ski Bowl at Mt. Hood in Oregon that day… and I mean the whole family! Grandma & Grandpa, their son and his wife with their two boys, and their daughter and her husband with their son & daughter. A very snowy day made for a gorgeous photo shoot and a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Now, when I say snowy, I actually mean blizzard! It was coming down so hard! Thankfully everyone was bundled up, ready for the weather and day of play in the snow! The sled that was brought for the kid’s to enjoy was put to some good use. Their sweet squeals and the smiles that lit up their faces made for some amazing moments to be captured.

I had originally met one part of this beautiful family three years ago. The little one in the black snow suit, Camden, was actually the reason for us meeting for his newborn shoot. A year later I was lucky enough to be able to shoot his parent’s gorgeous wedding! I got to add one more milestone captured to the list when I did a newborn shoot for their adorable daughter. She’s the cutie in the red snow suit. Can you just not get enough of that pom-pom hat?

It was such a blast adding the rest of the family into this shoot! Everyone was in such good spirits even though they were all soaked through by the end! I was able to get some great photos of the entire family all together. Then I broke them up into a few smaller groups. We got some of the individual families, the couples, all of the kiddos, the grandparents with their grand babies and then of course, the original McConnell family of four. 

To be the one that gets to help make all of these precious moments last forever is an opportunity I will always cherish. I absolutely love spending all of these big memories with them! It just makes me feel so special!

Lucky for me, I ended up finishing the day off creating new memories with my husband and my boys! Once I finished with the McConnell family shoot, Tommy and I took our boys, Balian and Brycen, skiing for the first time ever! Tommy went down the slopes with Balian between his legs while I had Brycen in between mine. It was a “one and done” adventure at the Ski Bowl as we realized just how out of shape we both were. Still, a special moment none the less spent with my own little family that day! 



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