Springfield Oregon | Falon Senior Shoot | Amanda Meg Photography

February 15, 2019

Every year the time rolls around again for senior shoots, and it’s honestly one of my favorite seasons! I love meeting new people and high school seniors are just so fun to get to know! They have their whole lives and futures ahead of them. They are filled with hopes, dreams and plans that I love to have them tell me about. It was no different with Falon for her senior photos! She was such a sweet, beautiful girl and I had so much fun with her.  But the added bonus that made this senior shoot so special was she shared with me that she is actually pursuing photography! How fun is it that one of her aspirations is the dream career I’m living out right now?

The fact that we both share a love for photography made this senior shoot all the more enjoyable! I was able to share a few tips and tricks as we went along. Falon was so receptive to what I had to say and loved learning as much as she could. She was also able to experience me directing her during the shoot. I think she was able to garner a lot of good nuggets of information from me as we went about our shoot that day. Which I just loved!

| Downtown Springfield |

Falon wanted a couple different looks for her senior shoot. She asked for an urban look which we achieved by heading to downtown Springfield, Oregon. We stumbled upon a couple different colored walls and with her different outfit options we got some really amazing shots! My favorite was definitely the leather jacket she wore with her contrasting long, blonde hair against the pink wall. It’s just so cool!

There were a few other fun spots we found; the blue wall, a sidewalk with graffiti and a beautiful mural that made her white dress really pop up against. Downtown Springfield really has a lot of hidden gems for capturing that urban look that so many people are interested in these days and we found some good ones!

| Mt. Pisgah |

Falon had also asked for some photos in a nature setting, so we packed up and headed to Mt. Pisgah. She, her gorgeous white dress and myself headed down to the water to capture some beautiful shots. It was so bright and sunny that day but we just embraced the sunshine and I think these photos turned out beautifully! We also got some of her in the autumn leaves. Her skin tone, hair color and the pop of white with her dress with the warm colors of the leaves made for some of my favorites of the day!

It was such a joy to get to meet and photograph Falon for her senior shoot. I was also so thrilled to hopefully pass on as much knowledge as I could to her that day. It’s one of my biggest passions to help others realize and pursue their dreams. So if I played even just a small role in helping Falon further her drive and passion for her photography, then I would be ecstatic!



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