Mary’s Peak | Bruce Family Session | Amanda Meg Photography

May 11, 2020

I’ve known Janessa for a number years. We met at a photography retreat and immediately became fast friends. Life brought us closer once she became a mom an we have even more in common. So when she asked me to do a family session to commemorate her daughter turning one, I was all too excited.

Since Janessa is a photographer as well, she already had a place in mind. Mary’s Peak is a bit of a drive but a treasured destination for its sweeping views of the valley. Lush grass surrounds rocky terrain and wild flowers. On a clear day you can see the snow peaked mountains to our east and the ocean to our west. It is the highest point on the Oregon Coastal Range and it is incredible.

The day we landed on to shoot could not of been more beautiful. We spent the drive catching up and laughed the whole way while Jon kept little Audrey occupied in the back seat.

Audrey didn’t quite know what to make of what we were doing at first but quickly warmed up to the camera. We played silly music while dancing and singing to make her giggle. This girl is FULL of funny expressions and it was such a joy to see her come out of her shell.

As babies do Audrey got hungry. So we took a break to let Janessa feed her daughter and I felt so honored that she let me keep shooting. So many people get nervous when it comes to breast feeding but I think if it is something you choose to do, it can be one of the most special times for a mother and her child. Janessa expressed later that these were some of her favorite images from the day and she cherishes them.

We wrapped up the day with what else – a naked baby on a blanket with a crown.


Another unique thing about this shoot is I was able to take some video! I had this idea that I could start offering quick little edited clips of client’s sessions! Janessa is actually my whiz when it comes to video. She showed me what I needed to do and then she assists me with editing.

It was so nice to get to spend a whole day catching up with one of my friends. After this shoot we have made a point to be in touch more often. It has been great to reconnect and we hope to continue the tradition of an annual family session.


Venue: Mary’s Peak

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