Eugene, Oregon | Tucker and His Family

August 27, 2020

First comes love, then comes marriage, then – of course – comes puppy. In this case, that puppy was named Tucker and for Megan and Josh, he was practically their first baby.

As the years passed, Megan and Josh welcomed two more babies into their lives – Kylie and Brendan. Tucker took his role as an older sibling quite seriously. Golden retrievers are amazing family dogs and Tucker was no exception. Even getting on in years, Tucker would willingly take every tug, pull, hug, and kiss from the kids.

I’ve known Megan for many years. When she asked me to do this shoot I was so excited to see her family again. I adore her kids and seeing them all was so much fun.

We told the kids we were doing a birthday shoot for Tucker and they were so excited to show me all of his toys and the games they play. We got good shots of Tucker’s fun playful side but also a lot of snuggles and quiet time as well. In reality, this shoot was something Josh and Megan wanted to do before it was too late. Tucker would have been 13 on July 27th and he was starting the process of leaving this Earth.

Because of this, we made sure to capture a quiet moment of Tucker with just Megan and Josh as well. These images captured the very beginnings of the grieving process and were very real. It was truly an honor to be trusted enough with these moments. Life is so special and it is important we remember to take a moment to cherish the time we have.

I enjoyed spending my day with Tucker and his family.

Love you, Tucker.

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