Eugene, Oregon | 2020 Grads Congrats!

July 20, 2020

Shout out to our 2020 Grads!

It’s been a crazy year – unorthodox to say the least. Regardless of who you are, we all have had to sacrifice something due to the Covid-19 virus. We all had our fair share of disappointments, but I felt my heart breaking the most for this year’s seniors and their parents.

Concerts, weddings, events – those all can be postponed, but senior year is a once in a lifetime event and when it’s done it’s done. Seniors didn’t just miss out on a ceremony. They missed sporting events, state finals, prom – the list goes on. Things they have been working towards for YEARS and events that make up what senior year really is were just gone.

As a parent, you cling to the “lasts” that your kids have. For some parents, if this is their youngest or only child, this was THEIR last chance at some of these moments as well and I just felt I had to do something. The best I could think of was cap and gown photos for our 2020 Grads.

It was a really simple thing that made them feel special. This was their event for their senior year and it gave them something to get ready for or look forward to. A little bit of joy in an otherwise empty year and what I found was something I was not expecting.

The optimism and attitudes of all the seniors I shot this year were incredible. Everyone was so grateful to have these moments to make whatever memories they could. It’s like they could see the larger picture and knew we were all in this together. I really felt this was a testament to the parents as well – what level headed young adults you all have. You should be so proud.

Congrats graduating class of 2020. You deserve it.

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