Columbia River Gorge | Megan Maternity Shoot | Amanda Meg Photography

August 22, 2019

What an adventure this shoot was with Megan and Alex! We had decided to do their maternity shoot at the Columbia River Gorge. So naturally, I drove up from Eugene to meet them in Portland so we could drive all together. I always love spending extra time with my clients but especially in the car. Finding out what we have in common, and on this car ride, talking about my own pregnancies and birth stories.

We ended up at a beautiful mountain top with the most stunning views of the river, mountains and trees. The weather was perfect and the elements were totally in our favor! It was more than I could’ve asked for this maternity shoot! With the wind blowing, the sun giving us some gorgeous sun flairs, all up against the picturesque Oregon backdrop, it could not have been more perfect!

However, Megan and her stunning looks made it all that much more perfect! Pregnancy is just so gorgeous on her! She made every shot a winner just by being the goddess she is! From her hair and makeup to her gorgeous linea negra running so perfectly down her belly, she was stunning.

We were able to do a few outfit changes that day. As well as add in her handsome husband, Alex, and her gorgeous flower crown. The photos with the two of them were so sweet with him hugging and kissing on her and that beautiful belly. However, I think my absolute favorite shots were the few I got of her in the wind blown, long, open-front lace dress that just really captured her beauty. I felt so lucky to be the one to capture this amazing and so very important, yet short time in their journey to becoming parents



Flower Crown: Gypsy Bleu Florals

Dresses:  Pink Blush Maternity + Impressions

We ended the day with a lovely drive home full of more chatting and dinner at their favorite burger place in Portland, Tilt. And oh my gosh, let me tell you: if you have not been there before, it is a must. It has some of the biggest burgers, best friends and coolest vibe and atmosphere! It was the perfect end to an incredible day spent with two amazing people!

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